To change the screen colors of DMS on an individual workstation:

1- Click "Settings" menu on upper left corner of DMS screen.

2- Select "Color Map" item from settings menu. This will open the Color Map screen as shown below.

3- Select the square that is filled with the color you want to change.

   For example:

   if you desire to change the background color of DMS from Blue to Black.

   a- Click the blue square under the "Dim" column.

   b- Slide all 3 sliding bars down until all 3 bars read value 000

   c- Click "Try" button to see if you like the new color. If you do like it Click "OK" 

4- Color changes to DMS are not saved until you exit DMS.

To make your changes permanent you must exit DMS and start again.

5- If you ever need to go back to original DMS colors just press the "Default All" button.